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Omori T-shirt "Omori Basil" T-shirt

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  • Design your everyday with Omori t-shirt you will love to snuggle up with. Match your style with patterns and designs from our professional design team. Original design. Create a personalized gift with a photo of Omori.
  • Material: Our products are made up of 100% cotton.
  • Sizes: XS-XXXL. Small size is suitable for ladies. This t-shirt is unisex.
  • This item requires 3-5 business days to handcraft.
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    Welcome to Omori Merch Shop

    Welcome to Omori Merch Shop. Hope you can shop happily here. Omori Merch Shop is for all the customers. Maybe you are a fan of Omori. Maybe you are a fan of Steam or maybe you just want to buy something different. Omori merchandise is the best choice for you. We have prepared a wide range of Omori merchandise for you. If you are a real fan of Omori, you must browse our shop. We have Omori cloth, Omori accessories, Omori decorations, and more. So you can regard our shop as a one-stop-shop. You can not find a shop like ours.


    The Steam Game - Omori

    "Omori" is an electronic role-playing game developed by the American independent studio OMOCAT. It was adapted based on the webcomic series hikikomori by Omocat. "Omori" was well received by critics after its release. Players rated its visuals, narrative elements, soundtrack, and depiction of anxiety and depression as a very good gaming experience, and compared it to EarthBound, Yume Nikki, and Undertale. Omori has since been nominated for multiple awards and won an eSports competition DreamHack in 2021.


    Background of Omori:

    Sunny and her sister Mari participated in a violin performance together, but the two argued. Sunny pushed Mari. Mari's center of gravity was unsteady and he accidentally fell down the stairs and fell. Sunny hurriedly stepped forward to check, only to find that Mari was no longer breathing. All this was seen by Sunny's good friend Basil. Basil had lost Mari and didn't want to lose Sunny again. So Basil called Sunny, and the two carefully carried Mari's body to the backyard and hung Mari with a skipping rope on the tree.

    The adults could see that this was a fake suicide scene for the two of them. But they hid the truth from the police. All this made Sunny more autistic. Finally, one day, Omori appeared, which is another personality of Sunny. What Sunny lost, in reality, will be recovered in dreams. But, He finds that Basil is gone again. The story begins here.


    Printed Omori T-shirt

    T-shirts are one of the most popular clothing items in spring and summer. Especially in high-temperature weather, T-shirts are loved by everyone for their natural, comfortable, and cool advantages, and appear on many social occasions.

    Omori T-shirt not only has a variety of colors to choose from, but the lightness of the fabric also makes you feel more free and easy and elegant.

    Maybe you are worried that the printed pictures will fade or have a peculiar smell, we can tell you responsibly: please buy with confidence. This will never happen to your Omori T-shirt. We don't want to make everyone who likes Omori sad.

    Omori Merch Shop Collection

    Omori Merch Shop has collected a wide range of merchandise for you.

    Omori Home & Living Item: You can buy blankets, aprons, mugs, fridge magnets, and more. They must make your home warm!

    Omori Decorations: You can buy Omori posters, Omori canvas, Omori puzzles, Omori lamps, and more.

    Decorate your house now!

    Omori Cloth: You can buy T-shirts, hats, hoodies, and more. Let Omori Clothes fill your wardrobe!

    Omori Accessories: You can buy phone cases, postcards, greeting cards, and more. All of these are suitable for you to give your friends or lover as a gift!


    Our Mission - Omori Merch Shop Promises

    Our mission is to provide you with a good shopping experience so the customer satisfaction always comes first. In addition, you will also enjoy a fast shipment, high-quality items, and affordable prices here!


    Go And Create Your Own Omori World!!!